Samroiyod Corporation Ltd.  is a Fairtrade Canned Pineapple Company. 

Our aim is that every type of product we have must be grown with the highest quality standards, traded ethically, and responsibly grown. We believe that our canned pineapple and our every product will be more valuable if we can help build good futures for armers and bring more sustainability to the world's climate. Today, our corporation has been certified in Fair Trade production of processed fruits such as pineapple, mango, young green jackfruit, and other fruits.

Fair Trade for Better Qualities of Life

The symbol "Fairtrade" has the aim to build fairness for everyone involved in the production process from the producers, distributors to consumers. Wherein the producers and distributors receive incomes and returns, the consumers receive quality products at fair prices. 

Samroiyod is one of the Thai cooperate that develop and utilizes ethical guidelines as a part of trading raw material wherein the cooperate buys at a fair price which is a way to show social responsibility. Today, our Fairtrade canned pineapple has received good responses from the European market. We can produce other kinds of food products such as dehydrated, frozen, and pineapple juice concentrate for export. The multitude of product variations from fruits such as pineapple, mango, young green jackfruit, banana blossom, and other fruits are all tropical fruits with good response from all market regions across the world. We are confident that our corporation can deliver products to customers and consumers who are interested in supporting societal sustenance via consuming high-quality products at fair price can help.

Fairtrade Certificate Samroiyod Corporation Limited FLO ID 19359